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On today's episodes, Todd and Scott talk about transitions. You know, kids getting married, having babies, getting a pet, all the fun stuff. Join us!


Thief Of Slaves With Randy McCoy

On today's episode, Todd interviews fellow familyman and author Randy McCoy about his new book, Thief of Slaves. Join us!


How Many Kids with Pat Jarrett

Have you ever asked, "How many children is a big family?" Well, Pat Jarrett has. He and Todd talk on today's episode about children. It's a lot of fun! Join us!


The Techno Beast Returns with Michael Prince

On today's episode, Todd interviews technology expert (and fellow familyman) Michael Prince from You need to know about this stuff, Dad! Join us!


Truths To Know Early with Davis Carman of Apologia

On today's episode, Todd talks to Davis Carman of Apologia about his new book, Truths To Know Early, and helping our children know the truth.


Unique Dad Careers with Jeremy Nunes, Tuey Wilson, and Kirk Johnson

Today's episode is a special 3-fer! Todd talks with 3 dads who have unusual (to put it mildly) careers. You don't want to miss it (but, fyi, it's a little longer than usual).


The Gavle Goat Interview with Maria Wallberg

The Gavle Goat lives! On today's episode, Todd talks with special guest (all the way from Gavle, Sweden) Maria Wallberg, the official spokesperson of the Gavle Goat! Join us now!


Dealing With Change with Micheal Kosto

On today's show, Todd talks with third-time Familyman Show guest Micheal Kosto about making a tough career change after years of running the family business. Even if you're not in a job transition, you will be encouraged by Micheal's journey and his and Todd's insight into handling change as the dad.


Familyman Rally 2018, Part 2


Familyman Rally 2018, Part 1

Today's show is a special episode recorded live at the Familyman Rally in New Castle, IN! Pull up a chair and meet the gang!


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